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Can i Mine?

Yes You Can Mine Bitcoin in India.

With the right setup and optimization, mining crypto currency like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and AltCoins possible with the use of Setups consisting of energy efficient Rig consisting of multiple graphic card units like the Rx 580, GTX 1070. Since the late May of 2017 Ethereum has been experiencing a bull market rush, which makes it a highly profitable coin to currently mine.

To start off:


You would need something like the Biostar TB250-BTC which can support upto 6 cards:
When building a rig, you should not spend a lot on the CPU as most of the hard work is going on within the Graphic Card Units.

CPU for mining:

The Intel Celeron G3900 is sufficient for our purpose:
Graphic Card for Mining Rig:

Either the Rx580 or the GTX 1070, we suggest you go for the samsung memory cards as they've shown more Hash rates per second.

RAM for mining:

We Recommend 8GB if you’re using GUI based mining like Windows, or 4GB if using LIVE OS like ETHOS, SMOS et al.

PCIE Risers:
You’ll need these to mount the cards on. one for every card. so if you plan on building a 6 GPU UNIT, you’ll need 6 Riser Cables.